"Thank you, after your massage I had the best night’s sleep in months. I usually have trouble sleeping so I really appreciate this.” Martha BC



"Best massage I've ever had and I've had a lot!" Christopher Dijak, professional wrestler


"This guy is very knowledgeable, very in tune with what the client needs and has a magic touch. You won’t be disappointed." KS


"Ameer has worked a couple of miracles with me and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.  Firstly for as long as I can remember I’ve had tense shoulders, all tight & full of knots, which I put down to stress, after just one session with Ameer which was over 2 months ago now my shoulders are knot free & no longer tight.  Our second session worked on my lower back pain, I was doing pretty crazy exercise classes in an attempt to strengthen my core & protect my back, Ameer showed me a really easy & much less energetic method & I’ve been ache free since!" Shelley Hoban


 “Ameer has a great knowledge of muscles and anatomy and has helped me with the pain and numbness I suffer with. He is kind and has a good sense of humour. I totally recommend him. Thank you.” Harrington L


“I have had one therapy session with Ameer for a leg muscle injury that has been troubling me for 6 months. His work was deep, yet remarkably painless. The session was interesting, as he explained what he was doing along the length of each muscle he worked on. Above all, his treatment was very effective and my leg and accompanying stiff back has improved immeasurably. He also gave me some simple, painless exercises, which continue the improvement. I felt confident of his approach and would recommend him highly. He knows what he is doing and listens to your body too.” Caroline Pick, yoga teacher


“I have been seeing Ameer for a couple of months, I have an issue with a dislocated shoulder which Ameer is very aware and considerate of. However for about a week one of the muscles in that arm was really painful. Within a couple of hours of Ameer working his magic the pain had gone and it hasn’t been a problem since. So a big thumbs up and many thanks.” Tony R


 “I always wanted to try Yoga, but found it a bit daunting until I discovered Ameer’s class. Ameer has a calm and peaceful way about him and one is thus welcomed and immersed into the session. I felt well looked after and Ameer always ensured he’d take time to support me. If you’re looking for someone who is well qualified and has your health & well-being in mind at all times, then I can whole heartedly recommend Ameer.” Sarah T